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The space was going through a phase of dilapidation prior to its renovation- wallpaper was half removed, the kitchen faucet and tiles were sticking out of a wall, the bathroom was inhabited by rats, and there was no electricity. Utilization of the space has become imperative, especially considering Stockholm’s enormous housing shortage. With every square meter increasing in price by the minute, the small apartment on Heleneborgsgatan became a property worth investing in.

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The renovated 36sqm apartment is divided into two parts. One was designed as a single structure, based on the IKEA kitchen units. This part of the apartment was completely redone, with electricity inside the walls and surfaces repainted to reflect light. It comprises a bedroom, kitchen, wardrobe and storage area all in one.

The second part resembles the previous organization of the apartment. Less noticeable work-such as filling in the holes, painting, repairing loose wallpaper and adding electrical cables and outlets, brought this part of the space back to life and created a more airy atmosphere, with the bathroom as the connection between two parts.

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