Dog and cat lovers can treat their pets in style with these stylish, retro pet beds! Made from upcycled vintage luggage, each bed keeps your kitty or little pup comfy, while also adding flair to your room. And the best part? They fold up and can be transported for pet lovers who are on the go!

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It seems like every time you pack for a trip, your cat jumps into your suitcase and gets everything all furry. Well, why not give him a suitcase of his own? The vintage Samsonite pieces from yesteryear had a stylish appeal that today’s modern luggage simply do not. But while their lack of extendable handles and rolling wheels make them fashionable, they completely impractical. Instead of forgoing the trendy appeal of the retro luggage, a bevy of designers on Etsy are offering a way to enjoy their style, while also providing comfort to your beloved pet.

The colorful cases come in a rainbow of  colors to match any interior. Cozy patterned cushions cradle your fluffy friend, while also giving some warmth and design to your room. Made from 1960s and 1970s suitcases, each is one of a kind and comes with legs to elevate the bed off the ground.

The custom made beds are the perfect eco-friendly gift for the pet lovers in your life. The retailers on Etsy have pieces ranging from $29.00 to $110.00 — a fair deal for a one of a kind piece.

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