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We may be in the Age of Aquarius, but it seems more appropriate to say that we’re entering into the Age of Reuse, and these KEG Apartments are a prime example. Antonas and his collaborator Katerina Koutsogianni envision transforming these abandoned spaces into two-level apartments, vacation homes or even offices. For mobile residences, the trailers stay attached to the engine, and even whole communities of trailers could be created from a collection of the trailers. As Antonas says, “In the ‘stable vehicle’ series I use existing transportation wagons of different types in order to think about this particular garbage as a system of ‘abandoned spaces’.”

Windows are cut out of the sides of the container, while access is still provided from the roof via a ladder. A large circular window could also be cut from the side facing the car and could serve as a connection point if the whole unit remained mobile. Floors, beds, bathrooms and other furnishings would be attached to the side walls of the container. The rounded walls certainly make the space small and cozy, but there are certainly smaller apartments in cities and some people might really dig the industrial feel. Hopefully the containers could be cleaned well enough to eliminate any past toxins to ensure safe air quality. Old milk trucks are probably the safest.

Via Designboom