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Principally a cultural hub, this building is also a mixed-use development complete with retail facilities that creates a bridge to the nearby train station and cable car. The main hall also connects to a riverbank trail, making it very easy for people to use public transportation and access the museum without having a car. Immediately upon entering the central hall, visitors will be able to participate in a range of workshops and gatherings in addition to viewing the main exhibitions.

Beyond the main hall are various levels of exhibits that eventually climb to a deck and restaurant at the top of the building, which is wrapped in a double layer of mesh. This highly breathable envelope extends all the way to the ground in places to create shaded spaces. And at night, the building is illuminated by energy-efficient LEDs that give it an extraordinary glow. With the Great Bamboo Wall featured previously on Inhabitat and this design, which won second place in the Taipei City Museum of Art design competition, Kengo Kuma + Associates are quickly making a big name for themselves in the emergent world of sustainable design.

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+ Taipei City Museum of Modern Art

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