It’s not every day that we would advocate sitting on a thumb tack, but in the case of Kenyon Yeh‘s adorable pushpin-style cork stools, we’ll make an exception. These delightful seating solutions combine two things that are usually at odds – the pushpin and the bulletin board.

Cork, stools, chairs, design, Kenyon Yeh, sustainable furniture

Made from renewable cork, these stools serve as clever accent furniture upon which you can pin reminder notes and pictures if you’re so inclined. The unique shape allows the pins to be used on both ends: use the larger surface facing up for a table, or the smaller surface for a stool. The only drawback we can see is that using such a porous material for a table could lead to some permanent staining if there’s a spill. Still, some might say that these signs of wear would only enhance the unique character of the piece.

+Kenyon Yeh

Via Stilsucht