Have you ever thought about a tiny home? How about a modern style mobile home you can place on any property? There’s now a modern style sustainable option called KEU that is packed with the latest in green tech to minimize environmental impact.

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A rectangle box prefab house sits on a snowy field with a forest behind it

KEU, a 37-square-meter mobile home, systematized the construction process to create an efficient home you can order to try. There are four “collections,” or models, named after the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. KEU homes all have steel structures, ventilated aluminum facades and 100 millimeters of insulation. The structure, built on a double-axle with four wheels, can be moved to various sites. Windows are all aluminum with safe glass.

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An interior seating area includes a kitchen area with an oven. There is also a floor-to-ceiling window with two chairs outside

Furthermore, each KEU home come with multiple amenities, including a ducted air conditioner, 55-inch Samsung Smart TV, LED lighting, ventilation system and sofa bed. It costs from 69,500 to 83,000 Euros.

A dining area features a high table and four stools in a narrow hallway

Additionally, you can add in-floor heating, smart house automation systems, Wi-Fi and Sonos One sound system, among other amenities. The upper-range models run from 80,500 to 99,000 Euros, not including tax.

A bedroom has the head of the bed faced against a wall with clothes hanged up next to it

Transport is a separate charge, so buyers will want to do their research before ordering. It costs estimated to come in around 2.5 Euros per kilometer shipped with a minimum of 700 Euros each direction, paying for round-trip miles on the delivery. A crane is needed to lift the home into place. A foundation is strongly recommended, though this can be a simple concrete slab.

A room at night with the snowy forest seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows

Prefab modular housing reduces the materials waste, energy used and the weather conditions for building homes. KEU’s first models made the most of this trend in construction by creating homes made with 100% recyclable materials. It also takes advantage of the efficiencies of modular construction.

The KEU houses are assembled from panels on-site. It means quick construction without the weather getting in the way. It also allows the pieces to be shipped in a sort of flat-pack manner to reduce carbon in shipping. The chassis is aluminum instead of iron, with high-grade finishes used to maximize the life of the structure for full-time use.

A rectangle mobile home sits with a small planter area and smoke coming out of it

Electric vehicle charging stations can be added outside. While customers who don’t have electrical supply nearby, electricity and water pump can be powered by solar panels.

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