Lock8 is the world’s first smart bike lock that can be operated via smartphone! The keyless lock has a GPS tracker that helps users find their bicycles when they are either misplaced or stolen. It is sensitive to motion and temperature, and uses a gyro accelerometer to send push notifications to phones, which triggers a painfully loud alarm. It can send alerts to your family or the community, but also enables users to share the location and e-Key with friends who might need to borrow the bike.

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In the age of high-tech gadgets and electronically-operated devices, our bike locks seem incredibly outdated and inefficient. The same thought ran through the minds of two Oxford students, Danierl Zajarias-Fainsod and Franz Salzmann in 2012 when Franz’s bike got stolen. The friends decided to build a better lock-one that will be fully integrated with smartphones. They managed to get the necessary funding from Christophe Maire, the investor who funded projects such as SoundCloud and gate5, which enabled them to work on the project full time.

Instead of using bulky keys, the Lock8 is activated by swiping the smartphone. This custom feature is available online as an app for the new lock. Users can send their password to anyone and share their bike with friends and family without having to physically hand over the keys.

Lock8 could also serve as a basis for a bike-sharing service similar to Car2Go. The team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to further develop Lock8, start production in January and deliver the first batch to customers in the U.S. and Europe by May 2014. According to Salzmann, the lock will cost approximately $150.

+ Lock8 Kickstarter Campaign

Via BloombergBusinessweek