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It makes sense that Kickstarter chose the pencil factory as the home of its new headquarters considering the building’s history and the fact that pencils were considered an innovative, life-improving product (at least when they first came on the scene) – just like the inventions the company backs on its site. The Greenpoint waterfront area, which is slowly but surely becoming a destination for Brooklynites, is also a fitting location for the start-up.

Construction on the 29,000-sq-ft headquarters began in August and neighborhood residents may have noticed workers moving around behind the two-story brick facade. The plans for the building include repurposing steel trusses from the factory’s roof to create a glass-lined courtyard for the company’s 46 (and growing) employees to enjoy as well as a green roof and roof deck.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the rest of construction goes and how this idea factory will affect the surrounding neighborhood when the headquarters is complete.

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Via Greenpointers via Curbed

Construction photos © Yuka Yoneda. Renderings by Ole Sondresen Architects