toy car made from an old milk carton

If the souring economy’s got you down this holiday season, here’s something that will help put things in perspective and remind you how lucky you really are. In many parts of the world, people are too poor to purchase toys for their kids (much less shoes and socks). Kids, however, need to play, and they are naturally creative and crafty. Wherever you find kids, you will find some sort of toy – even if its a makeshift toy car made out of an old milk carton and a couple sticks. My friend Avik is working with orphan kids in Malawi and found that all of the kids in his village were making their own toys out of things like old milk containers, cornhusks and cigarette cartons. He’s got a lot of amazing photos of the crafty ingenuity of these kids in Malawi, so be sure to check out the article to see all the photos >