Ukraine’s capital Kiev has a new restaurant where you can feel like a bird while drinking a cocktail or eating molecular style food. Designed by local architects Serghii Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko, Twister Restaurant was inspired by two natural phenomenas: tornado and rain. Featuring round tables that seem to float, hanging luminaires that ressemble rain drops, pine cone-shaped soft seats, and a whole area covered with thatched sticks, this Kiev restaurant is not your average cafe.

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Natural, comfortable and very modern, Twister features two areas that comprise a two-storeyed dining section and relaxing bar space. With a bar space completely covered with biodegradable wooden sticks and a color pallete with earthy-tones, one could feel inside a cosy nest. The restaurant’s modern furniture juxtaposes with the browns, ochres and beiges, creating a natural, yet very sleek innovative atmosphere to enjoy a drink or two.

+ Serghii Makhno

+ Vasiliy Butenko

Photos © Makhno / Vasiliy Butenko