Did you know that electric cables, chargers and devices in standby mode can suck up tons of electrical power? Even when your phone isn’t plugged in, your cell-phone charger might be adding an additional 10% to your energy bill every month in vampire power. Fortunately, some Pratt students have come to our rescue with an award-winning design to stamp out vampire power.

Proving again that Pratt is where it’s at, Chul Min Kang and Sung Hun Lim have come up with an ingenious modular power strip called the E-Rope. This twistable device enables users to add or subtract sockets as needed, and can accommodate large, bulky cords in the way that ordinary power strips can’t. The best part is that you can shut off the flow of power to any cable simply by twisting the socket section 90 degrees. Brilliant! And cute. Businessweek apparently agrees, as the E-Rope just won a 2006 IDEA award for student design.

I can’t wait till these babies come to market..

+Businessweek / ISDA 2006 IDEA AWARDS