We were pretty astounded when we came across an airplane in Oregon that had been turned into a home, but it’s possible that this spectacular kindergarten-in-a-jet might just top it. The brainchild of Headmaster Gari Chapidze, a retired Yakovlev 42 plane in Georgia has been transformed into a classroom that stimulates the senses, with the layout and the original details and technologies of the craft forming a slightly insane indoor playground—or, as Chapidze intended, “a kindergarten where children will not want to go home.”

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Kindergarten headmaster Gari Chapidze reportedly bought the Yakovelv 42 plane from Tbilisi airport, and had it transported to the school’s location in Rustavi before spending several months renovating it into a classroom. While the original seats have been pulled out and replaced by pint-sized tables and chairs, many of the original details have been left intact—the children are free to play in the cockpit, pushing at any number of 1500 buttons, playing with headphones and intercoms and enjoying their high-up vantage point (which, as some have pointed out, doesn’t appear to be entirely childproof).

Currently the kindergarten accommodates a class of 20 students, but the waiting list has grown as parents have become curious about the experimental school. While the airplane itself creates a striking learning environment, Chapidze’s motivation is to not only stimulate and engage the students, but to specifically encourage the kids towards the development of technical skills and technological sense. Though it’s highly likely that most of the school’s awesome appeal lies simply in the fact that it’s on a plane.

Via TreeHugger, The Daily Telegraph

Images via Telegraph.co.uk video (via screen grab)