A fantastic light installation by artist Pablo Valbuena lit up the Nuit Blanche festival in Paris using light projectors, sounds systems and architecture to create a trippy artificial reality. Valbuena’s 546-yard-long Kinematope installation turned a railway station into a science fiction set that responds to its environment using light and sound that travel from one side to the other at varying speeds

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Spanish-born Valbuena is known for creating strange geometric environments through digital trickery, and he used a future platform space at the Gare d’Austerlitz in Paris as the setting for his newest futuristic installation. The new artwork is a response to the perceptual qualities and inner structure of the place it activates, and is directly connected to the function of the train station itself: transit, transport, motion.

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The piece succeeds in creating a filmic experience without the presence of a camera and transports the viewer into a virtual space. Its ever-changing glow creates an alternate architectural reality that rewrites typologies.

+ Pablo Valbuena

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