Based out of the Netherlands, Energy Floors creates clean and renewable energy-producing systems that are activated by movement. Dance, walk and compete your way towards creating energy that then runs the lights and charges phones. The systems offer a fun way to market a brand and inspire conversations about sustainable responsibility.

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People standing on the Kinetic Dancefloor

The Kinetic Dancefloor by Energy Floors is a temporary or semi-permanent system. It comes in three sizes plus a customizable option. Moreover, the floor panels absorb energy produced by dancers on the surface. The energy production can be monitored in a variety of ways, encouraging dancers to keep moving.

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Coldplay concertgoers

The most basic model, called the Regular Impact, is a system of eight smart tiles capable of producing up to a 160-kilowatt peak. A larger 16-tile system can generate up to 320 kilowatts and an even bigger 32-tile unit can amass 640 kilowatts.

People dancing while at a party to produce energy

The company promotes the advantage of installing the system for festivals, company parties, special events and other functions where messaging about sustainability and fun go hand in hand.

People dancing on the floors that appear 3D

The Kinetic Dancefloor can be enhanced with add-ons such as LED lights that light up the floor in a colorful and engaging way, powered by the movement of course. An energy meter gives a visual measurement of the energy generated and makes a statement about the energy-efficient aspects of the dancefloor. This data can also be found online.

A sign telling partygoers to get on the dancefloor

The band Coldplay has made a public effort to reduce the tour’s greenhouse gas emissions by half of the amount produced on the last tour. It’s using the Kinetic Dancefloor as part of the equation. The durable floor, topped with a layer of recycled plastics, was custom-made to meet the aesthetics of the intergalactic theme and function as a dance floor for hundreds of people at any time.

The dancefloor illuminated purple

Throughout the world tour, Energy Floors will collect data about energy production for each song and each concert, providing feedback about when fans are most energetic. Fans and organizers can then easily access the information online or in real time.

Energy Floors also has other products, including The Walker, which is an energy-gathering solution that can be used in nearly any public indoor or outdoor space. As crowds leave the subway, enter the mall, or walk down the street, the panels collect energy and send it back to the grid, making it a renewable energy option for the public domain.

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Images via Rick Scuteri: Invision/AP/ANP, Anneke Hymmen and Energy Floors