Of all the LEGO-like building components we’ve seen over the years, Kite Bricks come closest to the famous toy bricks’ building technology. The blocks, also referred to as Smart Bricks, allow for a faster, cheaper and more precise construction than conventional building methods. The company estimates that using the Smart Brick system can lead to savings of 50 percent of the total expenses associated with building an eight-story building. The bricks are currently in the prototype stage and the company is looking to raise $3 million to go into production.

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The modular bricks snap together almost exactly like LEGO’s with the addition of a special adhesive. The rows or knobs along the bottom of the bricks slot on top of others, while steel bars running through the channels in the bricks make entire walls extremely strong. Thanks to the LEGO-like system, this construction method is based on standardized elements for almost every building component, including doors, windows, plumbing, etc.

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According to the company, the brick has excellent thermal properties that can lead to huge savings in heating and cooling costs. The Smart Brick effectively redirects heat in the summer, while trapping it in the winter. The technology, pending US patent, is in the prototype stage. The company is currently trying to raise funding – around $3 million – in order to go into full-scale production.

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