Here at Inhabitat we love wind powered vehicles for their inspired approaches towards sustainable transportation – after all what could be simpler than sailing along on a breeze? Designed by Tsun-Ho Wang, Min-Gyu Jung, and Sung-Je Do, this futuristic Wind Light Vehicle is an electric concept car that can deploy a wing-like device to propel it along like a windsurfing board or even a kite!

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When we featured the Mercedes’ Formula Zero Racer a few weeks ago, we thought that it was rather unique insofar as it was propelled by a sail. The Wind Light Vehicle takes a similar approach, with a wing-like hood that can be used as either a vertical sail or flown high above as kite. For times when the wind dies down, it also features an electric motor in each of its three wheels.

While this concept definitely tends towards the far end of future-forward, it does capture an inspired approach and we’re looking forward to the development of more immediately viable wind propelled vehicles.

Via Yankodesign