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+ Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture‘s charging stations are designed to be fabricated entirely from FSC-certified, locally sourced wood. Cars are separated from bikes and scooters via an elevated ramp topped with a south-facing solar cell roof. They are equipped with weather protection, waiting rooms, and kiosk features. It takes approximately 15 minutes to charge each vehicle, during which time drivers can take advantage of the amenities offered within the facility. While they’re waiting, visitors can use an outdoor gym, get their bikes services at a bike repair shop, and surf the net while sitting in a Wi-Fi connected courtyard with a café pavilion.

The city of Gothenburg plans to use the station design as inspiration for future projects. Meanwhile, the charging stations will service the rising population of environmentally minded commuters as a symbol of a more sustainable city.

+ Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture (KKA)

Via Archdaily