Once, during a paralyzingly cold winter, you decided to take up knitting. You bought a soft ball of yarn and a pair of needles and plopped down on your couch with the lofty goal of making a skull cap with ear flaps. But half-way through your project, the cat got the yarn, the snow melted, and your partially-completed hat is still in your closet. At least now that you’ve tried, you have fresh admiration for those who pull it off.

Emiliano Godoy is in a class of knitters all his own. He took the homely craft to a knew level by knitting a chair. At the 2005 International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa (IFDA) in Japan in June, Godoy’s Knit Chair was awarded a bronze leaf.

Godoy has his design studio in Mexico, where he creates refined and beautiful furniture rooted in his commitment to sustainable practices. The knit chair resembles a tortoise shell or soccer ball with its geometric segments comprising a sturdy whole. The sections are made of aircraft plywood and knit together with cotton rope. It’s an elegant, inspired and completely biodegradable lounger that appears to be as flexible as it is strong.

All forty-three of the IFDA award winners is worthy of a special mention. If you have a moment, check out the awe-inspiring photos at the IFDA website.

Emiliano Godoy
International Furniture Design Fair Asahikawa (IFDA)

Posted by Sarah Rich