Knoend, one of our favorite sustainable designers, is at it again, following the success of their Lite2Go Lamps with the launch of their body-conscious Bean Rockers. I can tell you from firsthand experience that these little wonders are incredibly comfortable – and they should be, considering all of the thought that went into the design and styling of the delightful bean-shaped rockers.

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The Bean Rocker was designed by Ahmed Khouja in conjunction with Knoend, following a chance meeting with Knoend founder Ivy Chuang at a collaborative work studio in Oakland, California. The chair features a clean aesthetic and was designed with consideration for of health, posture, and breathing, which struck a perfect synergy with Knoend’s sustainable sensibility. Following the formation of a partnership in 2008, the two developed an entire family of bean rockers, which debuted at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair this past year.

The chairs were an instant hit were granted “trend-setter” status by a correspondent from the NYTimes in an article titled: “Chairs with Talking Points.” In keeping with the mantra of Knoend’s products, each Bean Rocker comes flat-packed and is composed of FSC-certified wood and an organic cotton cushion. The Bean Rockers are easily assembled by following the recycled paper manual, and they can be assembled prior to shipping if desired. Prices vary from $270 to $550.

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