We’re always enamored with flat pack packaging for efficient transport and minimal waste, but here’s a light design that brings a bright idea to packaging by eliminating it all together. Lite2Go’s packaging doubles as the actual lamp shade so there is almost no waste, excluding the label and the instructions for assembly which are printed on recycled paper using environmentally friendly inks.

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Unlike most light kits, Lite2go leaves nothing to chance with the inclusion of a florescent bulb to make sure you’re getting extra savings over the standard incandescent. Having multiple uses, Lite2gocan either be hung or used tableside, and can even be personalized with markers, making for a fun afternoon activity for kids of all ages. Designed by environmentally conscious Knoend (i.e. know no-end), Lite2go incorporates the mission statement of the designers, taking into consideration the full life cycle of materials going into the products they design.

The packaging/shade of Lite2go is made of recyclable polypropylene plastic; and both the electric cord and bulb can be recycled at appropriate centers found by visiting www.earth911.org. If there are no centers in your area, Knoend will take care of the recycling for you.

Lite2go is currently available on Knoend’s website, or if you are in the Berkeley area in California, you can purchase the lights at Urban Forest Home and will soon be available in the SF MOMA store.

“Knoend’s goal is to change the consumer product culture in a proactive way that will reduce manufacturing and shipping waste and provide eco-friendly solutions that extend the traditional dead-end product lifecycle. Knoend is dedicated to bringing accessible, affordable ecodesign to our eco-conscious customers.” +Knoend