The designers at toilet empire Kohler want to make your poop smell like… avocados. In addition to an entire toilet system, Kohler has come up with a smart seat that can be bought piece meal to transform any toilet into a deodorizing system. For $90, the Purefresh seat can disguise your leavings with an aroma that mimics a garden waterfall, fresh laundry or, yes, an avocado spa.

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Gone are the days of vanilla spray, incense and boxes of matches. The sleek and discreet toilet seat fits onto any standard toilet, transforming your regular commode into a center of deodorizing scents. The Purefresh seat runs on regular D batteries, which power carbon filters and scent packs that neutralize the most unpleasant odors.

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When someone sits down on the toilet seat, the Purefresh system is activated, triggering a fan that blows over the Kohler scent packs. The fan helps the chosen scent gradually build up over the duration of your…use, eliminating odors and any embarrassment. The seat also doubles as a nightlight with a built-in LED, guiding you to salvation in the middle of the night.

Kohler’s smart seat may seem excessive, but for $90, customers can get a useful high-tech piece of toilet technology without spending a small fortune on a top of the line gadget toilet. Thanks to Kohler, your next trip to the bathroom may instead remind you of a garden waterfall, a pile of freshly washed laundry, or, oddly, your favorite green fruit.

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