Exhibiting at 100% Futures London next week, KOIVU sculptural lighting products from newly formed 4D Designs are a glowing sensation to behold. Each of the lighting products are made using laser-cut birch plywood, giving them a glowing tree trunk aesthetic that recalls the appearance of the material from which they came. “Grouped together, these freestanding lights take on the appearance of a mystical forest,” says 4D Designs’ founder, Michael Radford. We love how the aesthetic links back to the material, giving the lights a sense of re-interpreted history.

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Radford says his work embraces sustainability, by reducing the amount of materials and number of processes used in manufacture: “My mission is to create innovative designs and products by using only the minimum in materials and processes. Using the latest technology in laser cutting on sustainable birch-ply my work recreates the patterns of barks and natural textures transferred onto ply wood. The use of a novel locking system means the ply wood can be assembled into tall structures using no extra materials, processes or glues. My work brings the natural world into the urban environment through contemporary lighting structures. which refer to the birch woods where my materials originated.”

The lights range from £200-£600: see the pricelist at 4D Designs. We can’t wait to see them in person, and will be sure to report back on their aesthetic and green-ness.

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