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The stadium is covered with artificial turf that is heated from below, and white composite panels that fit together in a geometric pattern in order to reflect the white and green colors of the local team. High-tech materials were used for the construction of the steel roofand facade, while the grandstands are reinforced with concrete. Composite panels envelop the walls and roof, along with solar olympic polycarbonate and tinted green glass. The entire structure is broke up by metal pans, which have a width of 30 cm and depth of 15 cm, to create a series of canals that provide drainage for the roof and facade water.

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The western grandstand comprises athlete locker rooms, training areas, VIP entrances, technical and management facilities, with audience, media, lounge, VIP, athlete, and security guards entrances and circulation areas separated from each other.

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Images by Ket Kolektif