This morning we featured Korban/Flaubert’s stunning LED-powered Weblight, and figured such innovation and eye-catching aesthetics warrant a bit more information. Lucky for us, the art/lighting duo will be showing an array of their work at the Art+Industry Gallery in Palm Springs, where we also discovered Johanna Grawunder’s Innovative Lighting during the Dwell on Design conference last December. The exhibition, titled “Growth Patterns,” opens next week, February 15th, and with an intriguing mix of geometric and organic forms, the work does not disappoint. This will be Korban/Flaubert’s first solo show in the US.

burstlight, creative fluorescent lighting, Korban Flaubert

The design and production team of Korban/Flaubert was founded in 1993 by metal specialist Janos Korban and architect Stephanie Flaubert in Stuttgart, Germany and is currently based in Sydney, Australia. Korban/Flaubert consider their workshop a laboratory in which to experiment with design geometry and scale, both macro and micro, while producing functional, art forms that enviably, can be mass-produced. They describe their often not predetermined lighting and furniture designs as ‘a process of discovery’ always looking for new ways of ‘interaction with objects through reconfigurability, surprise and transformation.’

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