The Korean automaker CT&T is banking on Americans putting their money in more environmentally friendly transportation in the coming years. They’ve just announced plans to build a $21 million dollar electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Duncan, South Carolina. The plant will be the first American CT&T manufacturing plant and reflects their belief that their tiny slow-speed e-Zone electric vehicles are going to make a big splash. The first American-made, Korean-designed cars to come out of the factory will start at $13,000 are are being marketed to a very urban demographic.

South Carolina is eager to have CT&T join their state. Governor Mark Sanford is hot on the idea of bringing the very green vehicles to his community, and he called CT&T’s plans part of “the unleashing of the green technology revolution.” He also noted his excitement about the employment opportunities at the factory, adding, “this notion of about 400 jobs in the Upstate is a big deal.” Looks like South Carolina is happy to have CT&T call their state home. The factory will have the capacity to triple their initial production numbers and work force but will start with just under 400 workers and a total of 10,000 vehicles per year coming off the line.

Some people criticize CT&T’s e-Zone vehicle as a glorified golf cart. Well, they may be right as the company’s other offering — the c-Zone — is, well, exactly that. Though the e-Zone may not have much punch in its engine, CT&T is marketing it to a demographic that doesn’t need much more. Judging by their publicity photos, (like the one above) they are hoping that urban parking enforcement officers, security forces, and city-dwelling commuters will find their little automobiles attractive. With a top speed of about 45 mph, an option for a lithium-ion battery with a range of 70 miles per charge, a real American-made stamp and a fraction of the price tag of most EVs, we think CT&T won’t have too much trouble finding sales.


Via Autoblog Green