Department Store Roof Garden, YKH, Busan Lotte World Tower, Green roof, rooftop garden, korea

Way-Pod was inspired by the iPod and consists of  ‘Way’ (a free elevated corridor) and ‘Pod’ (pay areas that provide entertainment, culture and fun). The combination of the two areas encourages everyone to enjoy themselves and the views of the Busan port from the rooftop. ‘Way’ is made up of 6 different free areas to enjoy the sun, fitness, art, views of the sea, a place to increase your emotional quotient and a path to increase their sense of music. ‘Pod’ also has six different areas that help generate income for the development, including a performance area, a food court, a kid area, a game area, an educational and experience area, and a museum and art exhibition area.

The pay and free areas intertwine throughout the rooftop with the circular pathways surrounding the entertainment areas for a more complete user experience. Two additional levels of retail and usable space will be created from this updated garden. Construction on the SOM-designed tower and department store is currently ongoing with an expected completion date some time in 2013. Besides this expansive rooftop garden, the Lotte World Tower includes other sustainable strategies like natural ventilation, thermal regulation, a double skin, louvers, and a sea-water cooling system.

+ Yamasaki Ku Hong Associates Design Lab (YKH

Via ArchDaily