Birds play an important role in the environment. They are responsible for dispersing seeds, pollination and pest control. However, urban growth contributes to driving them out of their homes. The KUKU birdhouse offers a solution to the problem in a cute, functional and sustainable design.

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a white, geometric birdhouse in a tree with a green lawn and building in the background

Designed by Marco Antonio Barba Sánchez, KUKU was created to provide a place for birds to feel protected and to reproduce. The inspiration comes from the realization that bird populations are dropping in many areas around the world. 

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four geometric birdhouses on a gray wall. from left to right, the birdhouses are dark blue, yellow, gray, and white

“Of 10,000 species of birds in the world, 1,200 are in danger of extinction and 93% are due to the growth of cities and agriculture. We are killing them!!” Marco Barba Industrial Design said in a tweet (quote translated from Spanish).

A large part of the issue stems from agricultural practices and the development of cities, but birds have natural enemies like all other animals. The KUKU provides a home where the birds may not have been able to build one naturally. It’s a place where they can take refuge from predators and larger pest birds. 

three boxes with birdhouses inside

Since the motivation for KUKU stemmed from a love of nature, it is made with sustainable materials. The shape is geometric, which is meant to be an abstract version of the sun, an element that is vital to birds. Also, the shape allows protection from predators and plenty of room for the winged creatures to feel at home.

greenery with a white, geometric birdhouse hung in it. a gray and orange bird is standing on a wood stand on the birdhouse

So while it may not be able to solve the problems of clear-cutting trees, over-development or plastic consumption, KUKU can provide housing for a critical species on the planet.

greenery with a white, geometric birdhouse hung in it. a green bird is standing on a wood stand on the birdhouse

KUKU is nearly ready to hit the market. You can sign up in advance on the KUKU website and receive a notification when it becomes available. Marco Barba Design is a Mexican company focused on sustainable industrial design with a host of design awards under their belt.


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Images via Marco Barba Design