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Created for Wallpaper’s ‘Handmade issue’, these fun portraits are depictions of the contributors to the edition, and portray their subtle impressions with just a few precisely placed layers of pencil shavings. Each textured portrait is formed using a different pencil crayon, where amazingly one single color creates an effect with significant depth.

An original use for an otherwise redundant material, Bean shows how great artworkcan be formed from even the most unusual waste!

This is not the first time the Brighton-based artist has created fun and inspired work with waste materials. Bean’s Chicken made from eggshells is a great response to the time-old ‘What came first?’ debate. His other works also hold to an environmental slant, like his amazing ‘Unmade’ animation which shows pencils growing into a tree (as opposed to being made from it), and a model town shaped as an airplane for his ‘Aerotropolis’ airport city feature.

+ Kyle Bean