Kyocera Corporation and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation recently announced plans to build the world’s largest floating solar installation. The massive 13.4 megawatt plant will be located in the Chiba Prefecture in Japan and will provide enough power for 4,700 homes once it is up and running. The announcement follows the recent completion of the current largest floating solar plant, which was built by Kyocera in the Kagoshima Prefecture.

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The project will be made of up 50,000 Kyocera solar modules and will generate 15,635 megawatts per year. Kyocera TCL Solar will build and maintain the plant and Kyocera Group will provide the technology.

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The technology has come a long way over the past few decades. “When we first started R&D for solar energy in the mid 1970’s, the technology was only viable for small applications such as street lamps, traffic signs and telecommunication stations in mountainous areas,” stated Nobuo Kitamura, senior executive at Kyocera. “Since then, we have been working to make solar energy use more ubiquitous in society, and have expanded our business to residential, commercial and utility-scale solar applications. We are excited to work with our partners on this project, taking another step forward by utilizing untapped bodies of water as solar power generation sites.”

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