Sick of rain-slicked slippery floors? Looking to take your rainwater recycling to the next level, while simultaneously improving your green thumb? This Umbrella Plant Pot by Kyouei Design offers a beautiful solution to the soggy umbrella dilemma, and allows you to turn that excess, unwanted rain water into nourishment for a plant! It’s a simple ceramic umbrella jar with an ingenious twist – watershed from your soaked brellies collects in a pot at the bottom of the vase to sustains a tiny potted plant.

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This year’s Designboom Mart at ICFF featured a wonderful cast of ceramic curios and ingenious innovations. Perhaps it was New York’s recent streak of blustery spring showers, but Kyouei Design’s umbrella pot stood out in particular. The elegant umbrella sheath turns a perennial interior inconvenience into a life-sustaining resource. Each cast ceramic pot features internal holes that allow rainwater to drain into a plant instead of puddling all over your floors.

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