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The goal of the designers of the home is that it will eventually be able to be mass-produced much like a car and become very affordable with economies of scale. At 220 sq ft, the studio packs in built-in storage, living/bedroom space, a kitchen and a bathroom. Other models include a slightly larger 290 sq. ft. 1-bedroom unit and a 360 sq. ft. 2-bedroom unit. These homes could even be included in a much larger, prefabricated multi-unit development.

As for the green features, the L41 is constructed of cross-laminated timber, which is an engineered product made from beetle-killed pine trees in the north-west US. Beetle-killed lumber is structurally sound, but if left to the devices of nature, will rot in the woods. When used for engineered lumber, it is put to good use. Each home includes triple-glazed windows, energy efficient appliances, LED lighting, solar heating, heat recovery, and even a pretty little green roof.

Via Jetson Green