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Sonic trace is one of the most interesting multimedia storytelling initiatives to be launched. The producers Anayansi Diaz-Cortes and Eric Pearse Chavez called for a mobile recording studio that would be cozy and comfortable enough to encourage immigrants living in California to talk about their lives. Some of the questions they’ll be asked to confront include: Why do you go? Why do you stay? And what makes you return? This groundbreaking project will put a human face to the immigration causes such grave polarity in the United States. And La Burbuja is just the right structure in which to hold these important discussions.

Although it is yet to be decided which materials will be used to construct the winning design, the bubble booth unfolds in sections – like a chocolate orange, according to a recent press release. The interior is as comforting as a womb, but also encourages a certain amount of interaction with the crowd. The silvery surface will allow passersby to see their own reflection in the bubble as well, so even if they aren’t contributing their own stories, at least they will be able to see themselves in the ones that are told. La Burbuja and Sonic Trace are expected to hit the road in Fall, 2012.

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