La Fonction’s tiny pop-up bathroom may look like a timber armoire, but the fully functioning piece of furniture folds out to reveal all the accoutrements needed for bath and beauty. Designed by French design company Line Art for La Fonction, the sleek La Cabine is literally a room in a box. Complete with storage, vanity and sink, the foldable bathroom is perfect for people who live in city apartments with limited space but with a lust for design.

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When folded up, La Cabine looks like an ordinary minimalist armoire, rather than a bathroom in a box. Slats of natural wood allow for easy customization with paint, lacquer or stain, and simple inlaid handles will match any room’s hardware. Once opened, the closet looks more like a deluxe side-by-side refrigerator, stocked with beauty aids instead of condiments and cold cuts.

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Each door of La Cabine is lined with ample shelving for medicine, shampoo, lotions and make up. Towel racks and mirrors can also be combined with larger racks for clothes for the bigger model of La Cabine.

In the center of the closet is a functioning sink, which sits under a large mirror for grooming, and other space-saving build-ins like toothbrush holders, soap and accessory racks, and a series of private drawers for all of your bathroom needs. The timber finish throughout gives the feel of a boat cabin, from which the designers got the piece’s name.

The beautiful La Cabine is a subtle and versatile furniture piece that adds a bit of luxury to a small apartment, without taking up valuable living space.

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