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La Luge was designed to celebrate the wonders of winter. The secondary home is made up of two volumes, a dark and a light, that exist on different levels but merge in the middle. The light volume is made up of cedar, oak and walnut both inside and out. Lined with floor to ceiling windows, the light volume is open, airy and welcoming, and puts the residents flush with the dense snow-covered forest outside.

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The darker volume, made from rich dark woods, caps the back of the home and extends into the children’s bedroom. This room also features floor to ceiling windows, as well as built-in bunk beds also made with warmer dark wood. The home was designed to accommodate many guests, but can also be transformed to create more living space, a play ground or even an additional guest bedroom. The floor to ceiling glass curtains open up to the outside, extending the living space should the house be rented in the summer months.

This soothing, flexible home offers the ultimate relaxation spot in winter, where guests can snag a cozy spot by the fire or enjoy a good sweat in the sauna to take a break from the snow.

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