New York’s High Line has been a smashing success — so much so that other cities are now trying to emulate it. The Architect’s Newspaper tells us that Los Angeles is working on its own version called the Harry Bridges Boulevard Buffer — a 30 acre, 9-block wide swath of land in the Port of Wilmington. And while the Buffer doesn’t extend along an abandoned railroad like the High Line, it does have one thing in common with New York’s project: it’s transforming an urban eyesore into a public space.

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The park, designed by Sasaki Associates, will stretch 3,000 feet and feature a flat lawn along with a walkway 15 feet above. Harry Bridges Boulevard Buffer will also offer fountains, groves an amphitheater, lawns, and multiple pavilions. Multiple pedestrian bridges will ease congestion.

Sustainability will feature prominently, with solar panels, drought-tolerant plants, tree planting, and bioswales all integrated into the park. We just have one complaint: Harry Bridges Boulevard Buffer really needs a better name.

+ Sasaki Associates

Via The Architect’s Newspaper