Leave it to the Europeans to give Passive Houses sex appeal. La Plate-forme Maison Passive (PMP) recently released this tongue-in-cheek video promoting passive housing that features a character who visits a Passive House enthusiast-escort. The PMP released the video as a lighthearted approach to spreading the word about energy efficiency as part of a campaign for the development of Passive Houses in Belgium. Keep reading to see the video.

Instead of making an informative commercial that just rattles off facts, La Plat-forme Maison Passive went the creative route and sought to engage the audience with humor. Following the belief that sex sells, the PMP used its captive audience to give a lesson about energy efficiency, tought by an actress in a bright red nighty and lacey thigh highs.

In the campy video, an unsuspecting gentleman visits what he thinks is a house of pleasure. But instead of taking him to the bedroom, his hostess takes him on a tour of the home’s energy-efficient features. Starting with the bathroom, she explains that dense insulation in the ceiling and wall reduce heat loss and that airtight windows keep the room at a comfortable temperature. Their next stop isn’t the bedroom, but instead heads to the mechanical ventilation room, then on to the air diffusers.

The PMP’s sense of humor may help turn previously intimidated homeowners on to Passive House practices, capturing their attention and showing them just how easy energy efficiency can be (while getting a good laugh in as well).

+ La Plate-forme Maison Passive

Via Treehugger