Cal State University, Los Angeles further bolstered its reputation as a “green” campus with the installation of a new photovoltaic (PV) system on campus. The 77 panel system was activated in late July, and has been actively offsetting the energy demands of the Engineering and Technology building it sits above. After years of development, students and faculty are finally seeing their solar project come to fruition.

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The system consists of a large 56 panel installation coupled with a smaller 21 panel module, along with three inverters allowing for the DC power generated by the panels to be converted into usable AC power. Some of this newly generated power is used in labs for research, such as a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle built by CSULA students. According to Professor David Blekhman, director of the Power, Energy and Transportation program at CSULA, the system generates 40 kW of renewable energy daily during the summer, and estimates a total of 12,000 kWh generated annually. Blekhman hopes that the success of this installation will lead to the development of more solar panels across campus, to hopefully offset 20% of campus energy needs.

+ California State University, Los Angeles

Via: CSULA Press Release