Are you a lover of fresh locally grown produce who secretly longs to have their own home garden? Do you suffer from a lack of time, or just a plain lack of a green-thumb? Farmscape brings the farm to your home. A for-profit social enterprise, they design, install, and maintain attractive raised-bed, organic gardens in your yard. That’s right, Farmscape will not only design a gorgeous bed especially that fits into your current landscape, they’ll tend to it on a weekly basis leaving the fruits of your garden at your front door while saving you trips to the grocery store.

Inhabitat LA, Inhabitat Los Angeles, Farmscape LA, Farmscape Los Angeles, Organic Garden, Sustainable Garden, Green Garden, Local Organic Garden, Urban GardenThe company’s mission is to empower indivdiiulas to take control of their own food supply by providing the necessary organic and sustainable tools to create a network of thriving, small-scale urban farms in the city of LA. Farmscale recently formed a partnership with n/naka, a new Japanese Restaurant in Culver City, providing the high-end eatery with organic garden service.

“At Farmscape, we’re looking for creative and compelling ways to encourage more Angelenos to participate in urban agriculture,” says Farmscape CEO, Jesse DuBois. “We hope our partnership with n/naka, and other green-minded businesses in Southern California will help more people realize the convenience of urban farming and highly productive organic gardens.”

If you have space in your home, or a business in need of locally grown organic produce, consider checking out Farmscape. They’ll work with you to help meet your agricultural needs.

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