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Featuring 30 of LA’s top chefs paired with 30 market farmers, the “Localicious Gala” celebration will take place Friday evening at the Annenberg Community Beach House. Attenddees will get to taste the freshest and best of the season while enjoying live music all amongst an incredible oceanfront backdrop. Although the ticket price to get in may be a bit hefty, we suspect the food will be quite heavenly. On the other hand it should be noted that the Good Food Festival & Conference has a number of events that will wet the appetites of foodies, food advocates alike. The festival kicks off Wednesday during one of Santa Monica’s Weekly Farmers’ Market with a cooking demo followed by an evening of cinema at the Aero Theater featuring The Good Food Film Series. Thursday, September 15th looks at topics surrounding “Financing Farm to Fork,” while Friday features a food policy and public health summit.

On Saturday and Sunday of the festivities, September 17 and 18th respectively, there will be a two day festival at the Santa Monica High School where residents and visitors alike will be able t purchase read to eat food from exhibitors such as farmers, artisan food producers, restaurants, sustainable businesses, and food trucks that source all of their products from the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Demonstrations will run throughout the day for those interested in seed starting, growing fruit trees, keeping backyard chickens, container gardening and bee keeping.

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