Work Plays‘ HW8 homes deliver the notion of loft like design in a prefabulous package. We admit that typical architecture in the Los Angeles area has trended toward open, loft like spaces. However, Prefab homes are generally unable to meet the same airy qualities of constructed homes (especially multi-family), until LA-based Work Plays’ presented their solution. The HW8 Prefab townhouse combines the affordability of a prefab, with the open-air feeling of a loft, all while remaining eco-conscious.

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Based on the traditional row house model popular on the East Coast, each unit is factory made in three variations. The eight units fit together to form an apartment style complex. Constructed as pre-fab units that can be transported through city streets, they are only 16 feet wide, but have tall interiors that promote natural cross ventilation and plenty of day lighting to achieve an open-air aesthetic.

Work Plays’ brings special attention to outdoor spaces, creating private gardens for each unit. Additional terraces overlook a lush common space that is lined with trees around its perimeter. The open green space allows fresh air and light into the units, while the strategically placed trees give ample shade to designated areas.

The creation of each prefab is environmentally controlled, created with minimal waste. Excess materials are recycled into materials for the next unit. Factory pressing also means that the units can be produced more quickly than traditional construction, at a more efficient cost.

The 13,300 square foot complex is a modern solution to efficient prefab housing, but with the open air feel that is common to Los Angeles.

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