Inhabitat has reported before about the implementation of large-scale urban bike sharing programs, but it looks like we’re one step closer to a bike sharing reality in Los Angeles. As far back as 2009, the Department of Transportation had shown interest in the development of a bike sharing service for the City of Los Angeles, but until recently there was no word on when such a program would come to fruition. Recently, a motion supported by the County Supervisor, Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa, and Santa Monica Councilwoman O’Connor ordered the staff of the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) to consider the possibility of using existing Metro stations as bike sharing facilities.

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While there are those who doubt how conducive for biking the infrastructure on most LA streets is, other cities around the world are discovering the health and environmental benefits of bike share systems. Some experts believe that better infrastructure will naturally follow as a result of increased biking in metropolitan cities such as Los Angeles. Many proponents of sustainable urban design consider bicycling to be a key principle for a truly sustainable transportation system, as biking is truly “carbon-free” transportation. While it remains to be seen whether bicycling will take off in a traditionally “car-crazy” city like Los Angeles, its success in cities like Denver offer some hope for supporters of the bicycle cause.

+ Los Angeles Metropolitan Transport Authority

Via: LA Streets Blog