The Los Angeles Business Council (LABC) is doing a lot these days to raise awareness and create policy around solar energy, taking advantage of all the sunny days available in Southern California. Their efforts recently earned them Global Green USA’s prestigious California Environmental Leadership Award. “The work of the LA Business Council to help create a more sustainable Los Angeles and greener economy has been so important,” noted Matt Peterson, President, Global Green USA. “We salute the LABC for their efforts to defeat the dirty oil Proposition 23, and for pursuing a vision Global Green has head dear for some time, finally making Los Angeles a solar city.”

In particular, Global Green acknowledged LABC’s leadership on a campaign to establish a large-scale rooftop solar energy program, formerly called a feed-in tariff and known by the name CLEAN LA. The sustainable program would incentivize residents and business owners to install solar panels and sell the generated power to the local utility, LADWP, providing a significant source of clean power at a reasonable cost.

+ Global Green USA
+ Los Angeles Business Council