Leave it to a city dedicated to its reliance on four-wheeled (primarily) gasoline powered transportation to create a noun for the historic closing of its already infamously slow 405 freewayCARMEGEDON. Los Angelinos have been prepping for this weekend’s 10 mile closure of the interstate (stretching from the 405/10 crunch up to the 101 intersection) for months. Some residents have turned the event into a three or four day weekend leaving town for the inevitable slowdown, while others have decided to bunker down and enjoy the weekend from home. We recommend jumping on a human powered two-wheeled mode of transportation such as a bike, or perhaps using your legs more than usual to enjoy the outdoors while walking around to complete some of your errands.

However if you want to fully take advantage of all that Carmegedon has to offer, you may want to consider venturing to higher ground to catch a good viewing point of either the tranquility of an empty stretch of freeway or take in the chaos of an overly congested traffic burden city. If you are still sitting on your laurels not quite sure how you are going to celebrate or completely block out the event, fear not. This is only the first closure of two necessary to complete the demolition and reconstruction of the Mulholland Bridge, the main reason for the shutdown. Carmegedon will strike Los Angeles again.