Hybrid car owners in California have long enjoyed the benefits of HOV-lane access, even when they are driving solo. This perk has recently been lost, and hybrid owners might find themselves subject to the same traffic woes as drivers of classic gasoline vehicles – and also subject to the same wear & tear that may result from longer commutes. While it may be easy to believe that hybrid vehicles need more specialized maintenance only available at the dealership, the experts at AutoMD.com have published five basic car repairs for hybrids that can be handled by your neighborhood auto-shop, or even by DIY (do -it-yourself)-savvy owners.

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According to AutoMD, most basic maintenance and repairs on your hybrid-vehicle don’t differ at all from the methods you would use on a traditional, non-hybrid auto. Oil changes, brake repairs, tire maintenance and fluid checks on a hybrid are all the same process used for non-hybrids, and can be done yourself or at the local repair shop. They also advocate that windshield wiper replacement is a simple process that is the same for hybrids and non-hybrids alike, and should be a skill-set that all car owners should have.

While the most basic repairs may be the same for hybrids and non-hybrids alike, there are some processes for hybrids that you should leave up to the dealership experts. In fact, AutoMD recommends taking your car to the dealer for battery replacement, repairs to the electric motor, motor controller, or computer controls and circuitry. Additionally, it is recommended to take your car in to the dealer to diagnose any serious problems in functionality.

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Via: AutoMD.com