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Koning Eizenberg’s addition expanded the community center to 20,000 square feet. The larger space enabled the center to broaden its programming, offering classes and activities for community members of all ages. In the main hall of center, one side hosts a comfortable lounge for the elderly Russian immigrants that live in the neighborhood. Adjacent, in the same hall, is an area designated for teenagers.  The center is used once a week by a cross-dressing square dancing group. A concrete block wall with a fireplace unifies the area. Just as the architects claimed, the center truly brings together all facets of the community.

The original structure was cursed with a faux-Spanish roof, capping off a corrugated metal siding façade.  Koning Eizenberg’s first step, after expanding the halls, was to create a canopy that covers part of the building and complex. The canopy extends over the lawn spaces around the building, creating impromptu, loose courtyard areas.

The canopy also created deep shade from the Los Angeles sun, blocking harsh rays from the courtyards, as well as the interior. The parking lots are paved with light colored material, and surrounded with trees, to reduce solar gain. Tinted window glass also reduces heat gain throughout the building. Skylights flood the interior with natural lighting all day.

The limited budget rehab of the Plummer Park Community Center provided a place for young and old to gather comfortably, together.

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