Hanger 25, Shangrla Construction, Clinton Climate Initiative, Sustainable Building, Green Building, Sustainable Architecture, Green Architecture, LEED Platinum, Sustainable Hanger, Green Hanger, Sustainable Design, Green DesignAt approximately 52,000 square feet, 10,000 of which is dedicated to office space the hanger is big enough to hold corporate gets as large as the Boeing Business Jet 757-200 along with additional support areas for its maintenance crew and staff. From its initial design conception, the goal of Hanger 25 was always to achieve a LEED Platinum rating. Key sustainable features include a solar array on the roof that produces 119% of the Hanger’s power needs, a combination of High-Volume/Low Speed fans to move air throughout the Hanger without using too much energy, and extensive use of daylighting opportunities limiting the need for artificial light during working hours. Unique to the hanger, is the instillation of a Hi-Fog fire suppression system that uses water converted to fog to suppress the fire as opposed to the usual chemically saturated foam suppression systems.

Since its doors opened, Hanger 25 has become somewhat of a sustainable landmark and educational tool in the City of Burbank. In 2009 the hanger was the chosen location for a sustainable building roundtable discussion on the future of sustainable building and the green collar economy led by former President Bill Clinton, founder of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Climate Initiative.

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