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By day, Hauer’s addition rises like a lace-inspired volume atop Kogan’s modern home. The intricately patterned walls gleam in the sunlight, with a series of curving textures that emulate billowy clouds in the sky. The sculptural walls line the rooftop terrace, harmonizing with natural timber flooring and clear glass barrier enclosure. The wall acts as an artistic backdrop for a lounge area used for sun bathing.

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Inside, the filtering of light through the wall’s intricate textures, creates an intimate and soothing environment. Through the overlapping holes in the wall’s pattern, glimpses of the property’s greenery are visible to the residents relaxing inside. As the sun moves through the sky, the patterned shadows cast around in the interior change, creating a new environment depending on the time of day.

In the evening, the sculptural walls take on a new form. Lit from within, it appears like a glowing volume that seems to float on the Cobogo House. Visible from different vantage points around the neighborhood, Hauer’s addition becomes an almost public sculpture that can be enjoyed by all.

+ Erwin Hauer

Via The Contemporist