Rumors are swirling around claims that Lady Gaga wasted 356,000 gallons of water to fill a swimming pool at Hearst Castle in drought-stricken California. Lady Gaga recently used the pool to film a video for her song G.U.Y., and reports claim that the water was wasted because it was treated with an excessive amount of chlorine. Gaga denies the accusation and is making an effort to draw attention to California’s water shortage.

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Along with Lady Gaga, the state of California refutes the accusation as well. A representative from the California Natural Resources Agency told the Daily Mail that the chlorination was minimal, low enough that the water could still be used for irrigation. The statement also indicated that the pool was nearly full prior to Gaga’s arrival, and only needed to be topped off due to a chronic leaking issue. The representative also confirmed that the water was later used in landscaping.

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If these accusations weren’t enough to draw attention to the water shortage in California – one of the worst droughts in over 100 years – as a condition to use the pool in the first place, Lady Gaga agreed to film a public service announcement to encourage water conservation. The star also donated $250,000 to the maintenance and repairs of the Castle, which is an historic landmark in California.

Via Fox News and Daily Mail

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