Lagomorph Design’s super-sleek Black Walnut bike is the crossroads of luxury design and sustainable craftsmanship. While this $6,000 bike isn’t for the faint of heart (or wallet), it is arguably worth every penny in terms of aesthetic payoff and quality. In addition to being the perfect green transportation alternative to your fancy car, this top of the line whip is without question the Bentleyof bikes.

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The single speed bicycle is carefully made from American Black Walnut wood and features a customized combination of hardware that makes its ride just as smooth as its looks. Lagomorph Design created custom aluminum dropouts and fittings, and decked out the rest of the bike with Phil Wood track hubs, a Chris King headset, White Industries drive train and pedals, Mavic rims, and Diacomp brakes. The chain is also rust free so that you can sit pretty for years to come.

While dropping 6 big ones might sound like a lot, Lagamorph’s designs also offers separate bike components like frames, forks, headsets and stems for a cool $3,500. So, regardless of whether your accumulate this bike piece by piece or go all in and buy the whole thing, the Black Walnut bike is the perfect way to ditch the gas pump and look great while getting in shape. Just make sure you buy a really good bike lock!

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