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Image © David Wakely

Thanks to the design guidance provided by the Center for Health Design, the design of the new building enhances the therapeutic effects offered by the lush 62-acre Laguna Honda Campus. All of the buildings are infused with ample of natural sunlight and each bedroom features operable windows that allow for natural air circulation. The layout of the rooms within the buildings themselves are arranged to reflect a small-town-feel, complete with a town square or great room located at the center of every floor. Each floor in the north and south residence towers constitutes a “neighborhood” that is made-up of 15-person households with each household having their own living and dining room.


Designing beyond function, especially in healthcare, can give way in incredible benefits beyond the services patients are receiving. The design of a space should always consider how it can amplify user experience for the positive.

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All images: © David Wakely